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Auhagen 80050 – BKS Starter set


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Discover the many options you have with the Auhagen modular system! All you need to do is decide which of the three buildings are to be built with the content of this model kit – a freight shed, locomotive shed or a small factory. Maybe you even create your own version. Spare parts will be left over in any case! This will spark your imagination and enable you to plan a completely individual building of your own. The enclosed brochure contains advice and tips. The copy template with the shopping list which is also enclosed will give you planning security. There are also seminars offered for the Auhagen modular system which is unique in Europe. For more detailed information please refer to www.auhagen.de. Freight shed 154 x 198 x 103 mm Engine shed 154 x 114 x 103 mm Small factory 219 x 158 x 103 mm

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