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Auhagen 11446 – Granary

120 x 120 x 180 mm


This granary of Olbernhau’s Upper Mill in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) was operated until the early 1990s. This attractive building was created from a combination of steel and bricks. _x000D_
A general signage is enclosed._x000D_
The trough for unloading bulk goods from the standard gauge self-unloading wagons can be built in open or closed design. The elevator conveyer resembles its original very much. _x000D_
The loading of trucks, narrow gauge wagons or light railway cars can be displayed. We offer suitable replicas of a bulk good wagons under No. 41 709. Levers, ladders and railings are made of stable cardboard in laser cut technology.Please follow our tip written in catalogue or at www.auhagen.de._x000D_
The overhead clearance can be reduced up to 32 mm by lowering the filling device’s movable pipes that may even be cut to size. When using track with built-in trackbed, compensate for the extra height with the base._x000D_
Authentic historical model

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